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Downwind Credit
When you join Downwind Safari Club you receive a dollar amount of Downwind Credit ($150, $450, or $1000 depending on the membership plan you choose).  Whenever you book a Downwind Safari (scheduled or private) the rate for that trip is deducted from your account.  After you use all of your credit you will continue to receive a 15% on any Safaris that you book.  Here some details about booking:
  • Members must register for Safari trips online or by email / phone
  • Cancel registration for any trip as follows:
    • 72 hours prior at no charge to your account
    • 72-24 hours prior and 50% of trip fee is charged
    • less than 24 hours and 100% of the trip fee is charged
  • Credit can be used to book trips for friends, family, and guests
  • When booking a Private Charter members are charged a flat group rate regardless of the group size; typically, the member invites friends to join the group and then collects each person's share the day of the trip  (like splitting a single dinner check)
  • Members can email anytime to receive a summary of their account
  • After using all Downwind Credit on their account members receive 15% off Safaris the rest of the season (including any fraction amount of a trip partially covered by credit)

Here is an example of a Downwind Credit account:

Jane Downwinder
Wave Chaser Member
Starting Credit:  $450

6/6/17 DW Safari PEAK ($90)
6/11/17 DW Safari EPIC ($150)
subtotal ($240)

Remaining Credit:  $210

* Credit is redeemable for Barbary Ghost Downwind Safaris only, has no cash value, and is not refundable or transferable. Reservation and cancellation as described above applies when redeeming credit to book Safaris.   Membership and benefits expire 12/31/17.

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